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Mountaineous Landscape


  • Do you offer pickup or delivery?
    YES, we do. It’s a $150 charge for a roundtrip pickup & dropoff within 20-25 miles of Portland. We also pickup at the airport so you can get going right off the plane.
  • Are pickup & drop-off times negotiable?
    Of course. Oftentimes the van is ready to go by 10am and dropoff is normally between 2-4. Anything after 6pm will be charged for an extra day. It’s all about communication and making sure we are respectful with each other's time.
  • Do you allow pets in your vehicles?
    Yes, there is no additional fee for a pet. However, leaving pet hair or any damages by the pet will be taken out of your deposit.
  • Are your vans reliable?
    Yes, these are brand new 2021 machines and they are checked and serviced regularly. If an issue arises on the road, call me and we will work through it. Things do happen, but I’m here to assist every step of the road.
  • Can I install childs seats into these vans?
    Yes, The rear bench seats in our Solis’s are equipped with shoulder safety belts that can secure a child seat. Booster seats fit with no issues as well.
  • Can I drive the van outside of Oregon?
    Yes, you get 150 miles per day and it’s .35 cents per mile after. These vans are frequently driven to California, Washington, Colorado and others. Sadly insurance does not cover international trips.
  • Can I use my own insurance for my trip?
    Sadly, we are not currently set up for you to hold your own insurance. Insurance is currently run out of Outdoorsy or RV Share. Happy to help you decide which is a better option for you.
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