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Hello, my name is Matt, and my wife Christine and I love camping and outdoor adventure.

It is even better when we have our kids and dogs with us. We have spent several months on a few different continents in these types of vans and really enjoy it. So, we want to share our love for the outdoors with our love for our vans and provide you an opportunity to experience both firsthand. Christine outfits our vans with high-quality (everything) bedding, pillows, chairs, stoves, and more. You name it, we've got it and it's gonna be good. Come rent with us and let's make sure you have an amazing trip!

Cheers, and be well.

Matt & Christine

Giving Back
Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Looking for a change from the traditional 9 to 5, Matt was looking for a change in this crazy pandemic year. Thankful for our health and feeling like it might be time for a change; we decided to chase one of our crazy dreams….we found something our family could enjoy, we could build for ourselves and still stay active and on the go. Nomad Vans NW was mentally constructed while Matt was on a 10 day backcountry hike in the Olympic Mountain range and coastline trails. Where he was looking to combine his passions of the outdoors and these great vans. 

 Matt & Christine got engaged in New Zealand after 5 weeks of traveling between the islands in a similar van and knew this was something that the Pac NW was in need of. The pandemic seemed like a perfect opportunity to get the vans rolling and start to build out Nomad Vans NW!

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